Operation Quiet Comfort Quilt to be Presented Today


Representatives of the Operation Quiet Comfort organization in Marshall County are headed to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where a Four Freedoms Gratitude Quilt will be presented to officials.

Peggy Reynolds said a block from all of the 50 states are represented. A message from all of the Operation Quiet Comfort organizations around the United States are on a denim block. Those blocks were sewn and quilted by a woman from Marshall County.

Reynolds said this is what the organization decided to do for their 10th anniversary.

“In 2004, we, Operation Quiet Comfort, had given a quilt to Walter Reed at that time, For our 10 year anniversary we thought that would be another good thing, that we would give them another one,” said Reynolds.

The presentation will take place this morning at 10 a.m. ET in the Chapel at Walter Reed Military Medical Center.

Reynolds talks about the function of Operation Quiet Comfort.

“One of the little things about Operation Quiet Comfort, we’re a not-for-profit group that sends things overseas to the medical units for the injured. One of those things is our Four Freedoms Quilt which is made out of blue jean material.”

The members of the organization hope that the quilt brings comfort to our wounded heroes.

For more information about Operation Quiet Comfort, call (574) 936-1424