Pulaski County Council Reviews Additional Appropriations and Transfers for Issues at Justice Center

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Justice Center

The Pulaski County Council discussed several additional appropriation and transfer requests on Monday night. A couple of requests from the Pulaski County Justice Center were discussed at length.

Sheriff Michael Gayer spoke at the Eastern Pulaski School Board meeting so Matron Carrie Aaron and Sergeant Fred Rogers represented the sheriff’s department where they explained an $80,000 additional appropriation. Sergeant Rogers said the money is needed to pay past bills that have been due – some for many years. For example, according to Sergeant Rogers, the fuel bill hadn’t been paid since September of 2013 while other vendors for a variety services have been waiting since 2011 for payment.

The council members wondered why these bills weren’t paid and even more shocked at the amount owed. Auditor Shelia Garling noted that there is better communication between the two offices now.

That additional appropriation was unanimously approved and it will be advertised.

The council members also unanimously approved a transfer of funds for a salary within the department.

One bill the council was hesitant on paying was the one for the two K9s. A bill came to the county in the amount of $25,165.38 for the two new drug-sniffing dogs that were acquired to help eradicate the drug problem in the county. In a previous meeting, Sheriff Gayer got into a heated discussion with the council about the bill with the main argument surrounding the need for two dogs. One dog was reportedly requested by the sheriff and another requested by the county commissioners to provide full coverage.

The council members thought about allowing the approval to die for a lack of a motion, but eventually approved the claim as it was the “obligation of the county” to complete the transaction. The motion passed on a four to one vote. Two of the seven members were not in attendance.