Pulaski County EMS Still Waiting to use Repaired Ambulance


A fire-damaged ambulance that has been rebuilt and brought back is still not an active part of the EMS fleet in Pulaski County.

Jason Bunger from Novotny Insurance and EMS Director Nikki Lowry told the commissioners that the state is holding up the process.

Lowry stated that the state is waiting to see if a structural engineer from Purdue University can take a look at the repairs in order to provide a thorough analysis to get the ambulance in running order. If it passes, it can be certified and placed back into the fleet. If it fails, it will have to be totaled and a new ambulance will need to be purchased.

For now, it’s in the legal department’s hands.

Bunger said the company that insured the building where the fire took place has taken responsibility for the claim. Legal issues could move forward if the county sees a need, but any action needs to be taken by February of 2015.