Seven Companies Face Lawsuits for Scamming Homeowners Out of More than $14,000

scamUnfortunately those struggling financially can be the most vulnerable to scams. The federal government as well as Indiana general attorney,Greg Zoeller, took action against schemers who have taken more than $14,000 from unsuspecting homeowners. On Thursday, Zoeller filed lawsuits against seven companies running fraudulent mortgage rescue or relief schemes.

Indiana filed suit against Consumer First Legal Group, Select Debt Solutions, JAS Legal Network, Home Relief Assistance, Legal Affiliates Group, Global Retention US, and Homegroup LLC. Any requests received from these companies should be ignored and reported. These unreputable individuals claim they can help homeowners keep their houses from going into foreclosure, they charge up front fees and then never follow through leaving homeowners without that money and as well as still in jeopardy of foreclosure.

The lawsuits are part of a joint federal-state sweep by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission and 14 other states targeting scam operations that prey on delinquent homeowners or those facing foreclosures.

The complaint requests restitution to be determined at trial, but includes consumer relief per violation of both the Home Loan Practices Act and the Deceptive Consumer Sales Act to be payable to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Assistance Fund. Zoeller hopes these lawsuits will set an example and send a warning to others that violators will be punished and this behavior is not acceptable.