Something Fishy Pets is Moving

20140724_151730A child recently had his finger bitten at the pet store that is located at 1700 S Heaton Street in Knox. Though signs are posted warning customers to keep fingers away from cages since animals are unpredictable, a child sustained a minor injury.

Due to this recent incident, the store owner Sue Webb was asked to cease selling rodents within city limits by July 31st. She sells her domestically-bred rats and mice to individuals for carnivorous reptiles. According to Webb it makes up 50 percent of her business.

“I have people who come up from Indianapolis, Lafayette, they come from Hammond, they come from all over the place because I have gotten a reputation for the type of rodents that I sell for snake food. There’s a very limited supply of reputable breeders around so I have taken all of my breeders out of the store. They are no longer within the city limits. By July 31st I will have the rest of the rats and mice out of the store. I will abide by the ordinances but I am going to move out of town.” Sue told WKVI during an interview.

Webb says the pet store has expanded and she has outgrown her current building. She was looking to buy a larger building in town but since she can’t continue to have rats and mice within city limits she has no choice but to venture elsewhere. Webb is confident that the customer base she has built up will follow her regardless of where she decides to move. The plan is to move into the Toto area this fall.