Starke County Industrial Park Road Improvements Begin Today


Improvements to the south intersection of 300 East and State Road 8 in Starke County begin today. That’s the main road to the Knox Industrial Park. The goal of the project is to improve access for large trucks. Project manager Andrew Schouten  with Milford-based Phend & Brown says the road will be closed sometime today so work can be done.

He hopes to reopen the intersection within three to four weeks, perhaps sooner if the weather cooperates. Schouten says construction will continue after the road reopens. The traffic pattern will follow that of the 300 East widening project between Pacific Avenue and Culver Road. If the southbound lanes are closed,  traffic flow at the intersection of 8 and 300 will also be limited to northbound traffic. Phend & Brown was awarded the contract for both projects on 300 East. It calls for the projects to be finished in November. Schouten says lanes will be restricted on 300 East during the widening, but residential access will be maintained at all times.