Walkerton Man Arrested after Alleged Battery Incident


A Walkerton man was arrested Sunday after an allegedly battering his girlfriend.

Starke County Sheriff’s Department deputies and Walkerton police officers arrived at a home in the 8200 block of N. Oak Avenue in Koontz Lake after receiving word that a man was battering his girlfriend and a child was present.

Mitchell Platz, 29, had reportedly been drinking throughout the day during a function at the home when he started acting in a way that made others uncomfortable. The guests eventually left. When the victim went to bed, it was then when Platz allegedly attacked her. He reportedly hit her head with an open fist and grabbed her throat to the point when she lost consciousness for a brief period.

The battery ended briefly when a juvenile entered the room and began crying. The victim told the child to run to the neighbor’s house. Platz allegedly locked the door and kept her in the bedroom against her will and he continued battering her.

Platz’s mother arrived at the house and Platz went outside. The victim followed and Platz knocked her on the ground and stomped on her head. The victim told the child to call police.

Platz’s mother told police that the victim was attempting to take the child from her and that’s when her son reportedly threw the victim to the ground.

Mitchell Platz was arrested and booked into the Starke County Jail on preliminary felony charges of domestic battery in the presence of a child, strangulation and criminal confinement with bodily injury.