Additional Lighting Deemed Best Option for Wythogan Park

City of Knox logoKnox Mayor Rick Chambers will get quotes from NIPSCO to add more lights to Wythogan Park in an attempt to curb vandalism. The Knox Park Board decided strategic lighting is the the most cost effective option to deal with problems there.

Chambers says most incidents occur between midnight and the early morning hours when the park is dark and deserted. The park board also suggested clearing away brush to create a better sight line between the park and Parkview Heights at the back of the park. Vehicle access would still be limited, but it would be easier for police officers and others to see what goes on in that area of the park. Chambers notes the city owns the property in Parkview that’s adjacent to the park. He adds remnants of the former trailer park are still there. The pipes and curbs will need to be cleared before heavy equipment can be brought in to remove the overgrown vegetation. In addition to floodlights, the park board also discussed adding motion-activated lights to the shelters. They are already wired for electricity. The park board recommended adding lights enclosed in steel cages similar to what is used in correctional settings to make them harder to destroy.

The park board also discussed adding a video camera system but noted more lighting is necessary for it to be effective.