Biffle Looks to Bounce Back

Greg Biffle
Greg Biffle

The driver of the No. 16 for Roush-Fenway Racing in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is looking for a comeback this weekend at Michigan International Speedway. Greg Biffle is the only driver to have four wins at the track and with the testing his team has done there this season, he believes his team will become a contender for the Chase.

Biffle admits that his season hasn’t been the greatest, but the team making a strong attempt at turning it around.

“…Anyone can see it,” confessed Biffle. “We certainly can admit it, that we’re off this season as an organization, and we made some choices at the beginning of the season which we went down a road engineering-wise and car-wise what we thought to be the best, and everybody put 100 percent effort, full focus on that direction, and it obviously turned out to be a little bit of the wrong direction. So now we’re trying to backtrack that and see where we made mistakes and trying to back that up and refocus for the end of this season and 2015.”

The team has shown progress in the last three races and Biffle is confident that the trend will continue.

“…Everybody has been working hard and these things happen to the best of race teams. This sport is up and down, and one thing I will say is this Roush-Fenway team, we’ve never been down two years in a row, and we missed it a little bit at the beginning of the season, our last two weeks, three weeks have showed we’ve made some serious improvement, and I feel that’s going to continue to show its hand these last races, whether we make the Chase or not. I think you’re going to really see our team become more and more and more competitive right up until the end of the season. A little too late, but certainly that’s part of the sport, and you’ve just got to keep digging and keep trying to get those wins and then put yourself in position for 2015.

Can Greg Biffle make this his fifth win at Michigan International Speedway?

The Pure Michigan 400 will begin Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.