Commissioners Approve Landfill Purchase Pending Title Work


The Starke County Commissioners may soon own the site of the former county landfill again. They approved a claim for $25,473.55 from the County Economic Development Income Tax, or CEDIT, fund to buy the 22-acre property, subject to satisfactory title work. The landfill on 750 East just north of State Road 10 has been closed for several years but is still subject to Indiana Department of Environmental Management monitoring to ensure levels of methane gas are in compliance. President of the Commissioners Jennifer Davis said it will be much easier to work with IDEM once the property within the county’s control again. Whenever IDEM wants to check the levels, the county has to obtain permission from the property owner to go onto the land. County attorney Marty Lucas says the property owner has agreed through his attorney to sell the land to the county for that amount of money. No additional action by the commissioners will be necessary prior to the sale unless a problem arises during the title search.