Culver Town Convention Held Thursday


A Republican caucus/town convention was held Thursday night to put two candidates on the November ballot for the Culver Town Council.

Five Republican candidates were running for vacancies on the council. Those candidates were David Beggs, Robert K. Cooper, Jean Rakish, Sally Ricciardi, and Gilbert Standley.

Sally Ricciardi and David Beggs were chosen by caucus last night at the Culver-Union Township Public Library to fill the vacant seats.

A third seat will be vacated at the end of the year when another council member assumes another governmental capacity.

Libertarian Joel R. Samuelson will also be on the ballot.

The towns of Culver, Argos and Bourbon conduct their elections outside of the municipal election cycle. As explained by the Marshall County Clerk’s office, it is due to the size of the community as to why the process is done differently.