Defendant to go to Trial in Starke Circuit Court

Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor

A jury trial is scheduled for today and tomorrow in Starke Circuit Court.

Eric Taylor has been charged with six counts from an incident on March 13 in Starke County: dealing in methamphetamine as a Class B Felony, possession of chemical reagents or precursors with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine as a Class D felony, possession of methamphetamine as a Class D felony, possession of a syringe as a Class D felony, maintaining a common nuisance as a Class D felony and possession of paraphernalia as a Class A misdemeanor.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mary Ryan will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did commit this crime. Four witnesses will be called on behalf of the state. Defense Attorney Timothy Lemon said in open court Tuesday afternoon that he would not be calling any witnesses.

A 12-member jury will be chosen this morning. Proceedings will begin at 9 a.m.