Heat is on the Rise This Week


Summer is finally here.  The hot days ahead remind us of some safety tips and guidelines to help you stay safe from the heat.  Starke County Health Nurse Frank Lynch says hydrating is a key element to staying cool.

“People need to stay hydrated, try and stay in the shade, try and stay in cool area,” said Lynch.

With this week’s heat getting up to the level it will, Lynch says anyone can be susceptible to the heat.

“Any type of diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory problems.  When the heat index starts getting up to where they are supposed to be this week, anybody’s susceptible.”

Staying in the shade and hydrating as much as possible are the best ways to stay cool this week.  Lynch says there are signs of overheating to watch out for.

“Headache, muscle fatigue, cramping, if your mouth’s dry or your body’s dry.  Just think of it like that so just keep hydrating with water.”

Temperatures and humidity are expected to remain high through the weekend, so plan accordingly.  Make sure to be safe and ready for the heat because it’s finally here.