Interim Ancilla College President Set to Meet Faculty, Students


The interim president at Ancilla College is set to meet the faculty tomorrow prior to the start of classes on the Donaldson campus next week. Dr. Ken Zirkle says students will continue to be the main focus and priority.

“The institution has always been focused on the student, and that’s something that’s part of my very core,” Zirkle said. “When we say we have to be student centered, student focused, I think we have to look at how we go a step beyond where we’ve been in the past. I think that’s something where you’re looking at continual improvement to become even better at it.”

Zirkle says his door is always open to any faculty or staff member or student who has a concern or wants to drop in and chat about positive things. He adds he’s very impressed with everything he’s read and heard about Ancilla College. During his year at the school he hopes to make it even better by making sure students learn values and respect while obtaining a quality education. Zirkle says students learn this when faculty and staff members lead by example. He says that’s a big but important challenge.

Zirkle took over as interim president in July after Dr. Ron May retired.