Knox School Board Updates Firearms Policy

Knox Community School Board

School board members in the area have been implementing a new policy that pertains to firearms on school property.

The Knox Community School Superintendent A.J. Gappa said the school board on Monday night approved a policy that reflects state law.

“With the new state law, as many schools have already reported, citizens were allowed to bring firearms onto school property as long as they were locked in the trunk of their vehicle,” said Gappa. “Our policy will follow the law and we’ve updated our policy. The only people allowed to bring firearms onto a school property were the same as before: police officers and school resource officers. It really hasn’t changed a lot. We’ve just updated things to make sure we’re in line with the state laws.”

Many other school boards have adopted the same policy. Weapons can be inside a locked vehicle out of the sight of the public but only law enforcement officers and school resource officers are allowed to carry a weapon into a school building. This does not apply to students.