Marshall County Commissioners Approve Amended Emergency Plan


The Marshall County Commissioners approved an amended emergency plan after a lengthy discussion.

EMA Director Clyde Avery explained that the plan was changed after the blizzard events in January and February.

“The advisory council met and there were some suggestions made to change some of the wording as far as when the plan is activated and that the EOC can be activated by virtual means rather than people coming to physically staff the Emergency Operations Center,” explained Avery.

A member of the advisory council spoke about his opposing vote on the plan. If storms knock out power, the internet will not be available to operate it by virtual means. Even then, he said, it wouldn’t make a difference as the issue is getting people involved to follow the plan.

John Van Vactor, a county council member and a member of the advisory council, stated that just because the plan includes operation of the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) by virtual means, it doesn’t prohibit those from physically coming into the EOC. It’s an option.

Commissioner Jack Roose said he hopes there’s some encouragement of people to follow the plan.

With that, the commissioners approved an ordinance to accept the amended emergency plan as presented.