Marshall County Commissioners Table Donation Decision for Heminger House


The Marshall County Commissioners heard a presentation from Laura Mann from the county’s shelter for victims of domestic abuse.

Mann explained that the Heminger House has served the needs of Marshall County since 2008 and is in need of funding. Federal and state cuts have prompted officials of the women and children’s shelter to seek $65,000 in lost revenue to keep the doors open. She noted that it costs $3,000 per week to feed those in the shelter and to keep the utilities paid.

The average census at the shelter is 11 people per day with a full-time staff.

The shelter has become a safe haven for 535 women and 417 children since its inception. The Heminger house offers housing, education, public assistance, evening groups, and community outreach.

Mann asked the commissioners for $12,000 to help the domestic abuse victims of Marshall County.

Commission President Kevin Overmyer explained that the commissioners will look at funds for the 2015 budget and let her know where to go from there.