Marshall County Commissioners to Meet Today


The Marshall County Commissioners will meet today at 9:30 a.m. ET.

The commissioners are expected to discuss a resolution that will pertain to the refunding of 2006 jail bonds.

Laura Mann from the Heminger House will be before the commissioners to request funding to help keep the domestic abuse shelter open. She told the county council last week that the shelter has served 952 since 2008 and that the shelter is critical in keeping abuse victims in a familiar area instead up completely uprooting them to a new environment. Mann indicated that they’ve lost $65,000 in grant funding due to state and federal cuts.

She requested $12,000 from the county council last week and she was asked to present her request to the commissioners and then it will be entertained by the council.

IT Director Michael Marshall will have a quarterly update, Ward Byers with Court Services will present the commissioners with a BI Corporation contract and highway officials will request a prepayment approval for an asphalt zipper.

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet in the second floor meeting room in the Marshall County Building in Plymouth.