Marshall County Highway Department Addresses Visibility Around Corn Fields


The Marshall County Commissioners asked Jerry Ambrose from the highway department about visibility around corn fields. Ambrose said it is becoming an issue.

“When we come up to a corner, we try and stay five feet back,” explained Ambrose. “If you can see in a normal vehicle, not in a pickup truck, that’s where we like to be. I’ve pretty much been trimming just enough so you can see just a little bit more. There are a lot of farmers who have come out and done that. We try and keep it back as much as we can.”

Ambrose said the highway department has been getting a lot of phone calls from drivers who are having difficulty seeing around corn at several intersections.

The department sends out letters every year to work with farmers to try and keep the corn back so visibility is better around the intersections. As explained by Ambrose, highway crews have to go in and take care of some areas where it is an issue. The commissioners are concerned about driver safety.