Marshall County Police Looking for Police Impersonator


Marshall County police are investigating a recent report of a police impersonator in the area.

The victim told police that he was pulled over for erratic driving after he swerved to miss a dog in the roadway. The vehicle the impersonator was driving was a tan Ford Taurus with an older style full light bar on top which displayed flashing red and blue lights. There were no grill lights, spotlights or decals on the vehicle.

The impersonator was described as a Caucasian male, 5’11”-6’ in height, muscular build with short blonde hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a uniform with brown pants with a dark stripe down the side, but there were no patches, badges or other law enforcement identification on the uniform.

Marshall County detectives say an officer initiating a traffic stop will be in a fully marked vehicle with official police emblems on the vehicle. If the vehicle is unmarked, the officer driving the vehicle will be wearing a fully marked uniform with local, county or state police emblems and badges.

There has been only one report of an incident like this. If you have had a similar encounter, call the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department at (574) 936-3187.