Probation Revoked for Wabash Man

Curt Bolin

After violating probation on several occasions, a Wabash man will be spending some time in prison.

Curt Bolin, 25, admitted in Marshall Superior Court No. 1 that he had violated probation several times, according to a press release from Marshall County Prosecutor David Holmes. He admitted to testing positive for methamphetamine, morphine, codeine and hydromorphone in a drug screen within six months of his release from prison. He also failed to report to his probation officer as ordered.

Judge Robert O. Bowen revoked his probation and ordered him to serve the remaining part of his sentence in the Department of Corrections. He was previously sentenced to six years in prison with two years suspended to be served on probation. In addition to serving his time, Judge Bowen ordered that Bolin undergo intensive drug rehabilitation while in the Department of Corrections.