Pulaski County Commissioner Voices Support for County Home

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

A lot of discussion has been held on the County Home in Pulaski County in the past couple of months, especially since a preliminary study was released concerning structural issues that plague the rather dated facility.

Recent discussion held during a joint meeting of the county commissioners and the county council focused on three solutions to remedy the situation: closing down the county home, remodeling the county home or building a new structure.

No government officials have made a decision on what the future holds for the County Home, but there are some immediate repairs that need to be done to keep the building from further deterioration.

Commissioner Terry Young offered his opinion about the County Home during the commissioners’ regular meeting last night.

“After last week’s Pulaski County Commissioner/Council joint session, local media reported stories pertaining to this meeting that have led to Pleasant View County home resident’s uneasiness as well as many questions and much discussion by my constituents,” read Young. “I did not comment at that time because this issue coming forth was somewhat of a surprise to the Pleasant View Board and our community as well as myself, leading to serious questions regarding the future of the County Home.

“I am not here to debate any issues, however I want to make my position very clear. I believe our County Home is and will continue to be a valuable asset. I have always supported our County Home and will continue to do so despite differing views from some.

“Closing this facility is an option I will not consider. I fell that the way we treat our elderly and less fortunate is a reflection on our whole community. If this facility is closed, shame on all of us. Keeping Pleasant View open is the right thing to do.”

Bob White from the County Home offered a report to the board of commissioners and simply said that all was going well for everyone at the county including their eight patients.

No further discussion was held.