Pulaski County Council Discusses Appropriation for Fuel at Airport

 The Pulaski County Council continues to iron out financial details since taking over the financial aspect at the airport.

When the decision was made to make Bud Widner a full-time employee, that meant that Wagner had to cease purchasing items under his own name and the county had to reimburse Widner for those items to ensure that all equipment was county owned. That was done for liability purposes.

An additional appropriation was discussed for $10,000 as it’s needed to pay Widner for fuel. Part of it is for re-payment for fuel that was purchased before the employment began and the other part is to purchase another round of fuel for the year. The money will also cover the utilities.

There was a dispute over how much money the county should be receiving for the fuel that has been used and how much was in the fuel tank when the full-time employment began.

The money was not appropriated during their July meeting but it was approved to be advertised. The fund was in the red and so the council approved the appropriation.

More clarification will be requested by the council to discuss the purchase of fuel at the airport in the future.