Siren Test Scheduled for La Porte County Today

dontpanicA test of the La Porte County Emergency Warning siren system is scheduled for today.
During the test two one-minute signals will sound, with one minute of silence in between signals.

If it were an actual emergency a three-minute signal would sound with a short period of silence between signals, repeated one or more times, to warn residence and visitors.

In any emergency, first seek shelter, then tune into local radio stations or news channels for more information. Residents should designate a safe room where they seek shelter with a portable radio and extra batteries, as well as other emergency supplies.

During emergencies, residents should not call police, 911 or radio and television broadcasters for information regarding sirens. It is essential that these lines be kept open so they can be used to receive and issue emergency information.

Remember today’s sirens are for testing purposes only.