United Steelworkers to Represent MPI Employees

United Steelworkers LogoEmployees at MPI in Knox are now represented by the United Steelworkers of America. Michael O’Brien is the District 7 Subdistrict 4 director for the union. He tells WKVI News the National Labor Relations Board ratified the recent vote by MPI employees and notified both the union and the company.

After receiving that notification, the United Steelworkers of America wrote to MPI officials requesting information and dates to bargain. O’Brien says they are gathering that information and will provide it in a few weeks. Meanwhile, a bargaining committee has been formed and is meeting with union members at MPI to gather input as to the contract terms they would like negotiated. O’Brien says the workers are concerned about wages, hours and working conditions. He says the employees lose ground every time the company is sold and want to ensure their voices are heard. There’s no word yet on when those negotiations will formally begin or how long they might take. O’Brien says that will depend on the company’s willingness to negotiate.