Ancilla Offers Two Year Online Degree


A new program at Ancilla College allows students to earn a degree without setting foot on campus. Behavioral science is the first two year degree offered online by Ancilla. They have had course offerings over the Internet before but have never offered a full degree solely online. Executive Director of Admissions Eric Wignall says instruction and assessment will be online with help from professors and other students to aid individuals in keeping up.

“You don’t just get put out on a raft at sea. Our online courses are designed and the program itself is led by Sam Soliman who’s one of our instructors who’s really in tune to this. You’re always going to get support both from the instructor and from your other students,” Wignall said.

“If you’re working, if you’ve got travel in the future if there are other things coming up you can pursue a degree. You can have all the access to Ancilla’s online tutorial stuff that we do. So either way if you pursue it on a beach in the south pacific or if you are here right next to campus you have access to all of the stuff for the degree. It’s 100 percent online it’s very very convenient to students that way,” Wignall added.

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