Bachelorettes Jailed After Wal-Mart Incident


A Saturday night bachelorette party ended with a trip to jail for two LaPorte women after an incident at a Wal-Mart store. LaPorte Police responded to the Wal-Mart on Boyd Boulevard just before midnight. Witnesses told the officers a large group of loud, obnoxious people came into the store.

The manager asked them to leave several times, according to a news release. They reportedly told him they were having a bachelorette party and used profane language. The manager was able to escort most of the women from the store. However, police say Rachel L. Schrader, 23 and Billy Sue Krueger, 24, tried to buy plastic cups and were again asked to leave by the manager. They refused, and an off-duty female LaPorte County Correctional Officer stepped in and told them to leave the store. Police say Krueger shoved the cups into the officer’s chest and pushed her away. Both women were arrested on trespass charges. Kruger also faces a battery charge in connection with the incident.