City of Knox to Draw New Comprehensive Plan


Officials met last week to look into composing a new five-year comprehensive plan for the city of Knox.

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers said a company will be hired to design a plan.

“We have hired a company from Indianapolis called Green Three and this company will be hired from a grant that we have obtained from the State of Indiana from OCRA (Office of Community and Rural Affairs) to update Knox’s five-year plan and give us a direction of where we want to go,” stated Chambers.

Officials discussed preliminary ideas, but Mayor Chambers indicated a more solid direction will be taken after the company talks with several groups of people in the coming weeks.

“That’s really what this meeting was about – getting different groups of people together and get everybody’s idea of what they would like to see for Knox looking toward the future. That would include businessmen, property owners – just different groups of people that Green Three will talk with and formulate a plan.”

A comprehensive plan was done for the parks department a few years ago and Chambers noted that it was a great help in envisioning a future for the parks.

“They gave us a sense of direction, let us know where we wanted to put our money and what would be best for the people of the city of Knox.”