Eastern Pulaski School Board Moving Forward with Large Project

 The Eastern Pulaski School Board members are looking to dive into a large-scale project soon. Gibraltar, a design and architectural engineering firm, talked to the school board Monday evening about the project that is anticipated in the next year.

Superintendent Dan Foster explained some of the things that are expected to be part of the project.

“We don’t have specific details,” explained Foster. “We have mechanical issues. We have boilers that are 20 to 30 years old and we need some electrical upgrades in the middle school and high school. There are basic upgrades needed to classrooms including painting and lights. It’s just a lot of different little things.”

While the mechanical issues will be the main focus, one of the other aspects will be the reconfiguration of the entrances to the schools.

“They’re secured with a buzz-in but once they come through that first door there’s nothing to stop anyone from entering the school-proper. We want to redesign all three front areas and make the entrances a little more secure. After they get in that first door, they still have to come through an office before they can get out into the hallways anywhere.”

The board approved a motion to move forward with a 1028 hearing on Sept. 29 to gather input from the public about the rehabilitation needed.

“At that time, the folks at Gibraltar will come in and do a presentation again for the community and offer thoughts and comments. We will receive the same from the community. Hopefully we can get some pretty productive conversation going on.”

Curt Pletcher from Umbaugh and Associates will also be at the hearing on the 29th to go over financing options. The board may authorize the sale of bonds to finance the project.