Endowment Fund Established for Starke County Youth Club


The Starke County Youth Club is the recipient of a $5,000 Sustainability Fund grant from the Northern Indiana Community Foundation. SCYC Executive Director Irene Szakonyi says the money will be used to establish an endowment to support the youth club’s work and mission. Funds in the endowment are invested, and a portion of the interest comes back to the organization each year to help offset operating expenses. Szakonyi says the Starke County Youth Club is on track to serve 700 children at three sites this year with after-school, summer and recreational programs. The after-school programs provide two to three hours of programming each day after school is out. The full day summer programs run from three to five weeks, and recreational programs offer a youth basketball league in the winter.

Szakonyi notes the $5,000 contribution to the endowment is just seed money. She says more donations are needed to establish and sustain the fund. As for contributions, Szakonyi says no gift to the fund is too small. The Starke County Youth Club will work over the next year to match the seed grant.  Find more information online at www.thescyc.org. Individuals or corporations interested in becoming involved with SCYC programs can contact Szakonyi at 574-772-1600 x 1851 or via email at at irenes@thescyc.org.