Enrollment Down at Knox Schools

Knox-School-Board-2014The first tally of the fall 2014 student enrollment at the Knox schools shows a drop of some 50 students from the previous year at the same time. Superintendent A.J. Gappa reported to last night’s meeting of the school board the loss of student attendance was across all grade levels. An officiall tally is scheduled later this month which will determine the state’s financial reimbursement to the schools.

While some of the lower early count can be attributed to families who have moved from the district, Gappa said he expects “move-ins” from other districts may improve the student count by next week. The new figures will be reported at the next Board meeting, which has been set for Monday, September 22 (a week later than usual) due to a conflict with the meeting of the Indiana School Board Association on the regular meeting date.
Students attending classes at The Crossing, the faith-based alternative school, do not contribute to the lower enrollment, he said.