HealthLinc Takes Medical Care on the Road

HealthLincHealthLinc is offering a new service to area schools this year. They got a federal grant for a mobile, school-based health center. This mobile unit will go to schools during the day to offer dental and medical care such as school physicals, checkups, immunizations and more. So far 10 schools in Starke and St. Joseph Counties have partnered with HealthLinc. Students will get paperwork from the school nurses to take home to their families. Families will also get a schedule of HealthLinc visits. North Judson-San Pierre and the entire Mishawaka school district have signed up. HealthLinc Chief Operating Officer Deb Hickman says they have made sure all the schools are on the same page with them.

“We have very strong relationships with the school nurses who know the needs of the children and know the parents very well”.

North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson says HealthLinc has already been to their school.
“Last Friday was the first time it came to the corporation. We had 35 parents who requested that their children be seen by a dentist and the dentist is a regular dentist. He did screening for 21 out of the 35 kids so they’ll come back and finish. It is a full treatment. They are coming back to do fillings, cleanings those types of things that need to be done and then also we will be able to provide medical care with this mobile unit. In October they will come back and do immunizations and flu shots. It’s just wonderful I just can’t say enough good things about this opportunity for healthcare within our school community”.

HealthLinc Director of Development Brandi Anstine [An-Steen] says they are committed to improving health throughout their service area.

“This is our way of really trying to give back to the community and we’re going continue to find more creative and innovative ways to do so. We’re going to continue to listen and do whatever we can to improve the quality of life in those communities and reduce those barriers”.

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