Insurance Obligations Change for Marshall County Employees


With the 2015 budget approved, the Marshall County Council looked at the insurance impact to the budget and how it will affect employees.

In the past, county employees paid $1.00 for their insurance. With the analysis of premium rates for next year, the county braced for a 20 to 25 percent increase in premiums for 2015.

The county council felt that the cost could not be absorbed by the county and will pass the burden onto employees. With that, the council approved to amend the salary ordinance to include wording that employees will be paying five percent of their insurance premium.

In addition to that change, full-time employees who have insurance benefits will be given a $300 flat rate pay raise to offset the obligation in paying that cost. Part-time employees will not be getting this raise.

The changes were approved and the salary ordinance is subject to final review.