Knox City Council Holds Public Hearing for 2015 Budget

Knox City Council
Knox City Council

The Knox City Council held the public hearing for the 2015 budget last night.

The city advertised a $2.8 million budget which is a little less than what it was last year.

There were no citizens in the audience that commented on the budget and the hearing concluded.

The council briefly discussed the use of the community center by church groups, but no decision was made as more information is being gathered concerning that topic. In a previous meeting, the council entertained a request for church groups to use the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center free of charge to hold community dinners.

While the council members agreed that it’s a great idea for the community, they need more information in terms of cost and liability to the city. The city isn’t taking in much money with the community center and if anything is broken or damaged, there aren’t funds in the budget for repairs. Non-profit groups usually pay a discount when using the community center for any purpose.

The council will resume discussion on that request in a future meeting.