Marshall County Council Approves Appropriation Requests


The Marshall County Council members approved additional appropriation requests from Marshall County Coroner Bill Cleavenger in the amount of $26,500 to cover costs.

Cleavenger explained that this has been a rather active year for his department. He has had to oversee more autopsies than anticipated and more incidents in which to respond. Approximately $21,000 was needed for the autopsy line item, $4,000 for toxicology, $1,000 for radiology and $500 for morgue supplies.

The council also approved a request from surveyor Larry Fisher to purchase a vehicle from Oliver Ford in the amount of $25,000.

Money from the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth came into the county for their portion of the Metronet project. The council members approved an additional appropriation for that money to come out of the rainy day fund to be placed into the Metronet project to take care of that expense. The Metronet project is on schedule and should be complete this month.