Marshall County EMA Director Encourages Safety this Winter Season


It may be a little early to think about snow and ice, but county officials are already making plans for when system and lake effect snow could impact travel in the area.

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery informed the Marshall County Safety Committee last week of the different levels of advisories that could be issued during severe weather this winter.

The advisory level means that conditions on the roads are deteriorating and drivers should be cautious when traveling. The next level is a watch level which means that the road conditions have worsened and it is not recommended that travel occur unless it’s work-related or emergency-related. Avery said the highest level is one that everyone needs to strictly follow.

“When a warning level travel advisory is implemented, that’s done by declaration by the commissioners, the county highway superintendent, the sheriff’s department and my judgment,” stated Avery. “We have made a recommendation based on what we see in the county where the roads are not safe to be on and county highway folks are just not able to keep up with the deteriorating conditions. We don’t want anyone out there except emergency personnel only.”

Avery works closely with the highway department and the commissioners to monitor the weather and to make the proper call to keep all residents safe during winter weather.