Marshall County EMA Director to Meet with School Safety Committee


Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery gave the commissioners a quarterly report Monday morning and offered information about an informative safety meeting scheduled for next week.

The school safety committee will be meeting to discuss concerns with the winter season on the way. Avery told WKVI News that he will review the protocol in place when significant winter weather is forecast. Avery will make sure that the school emergency plans are up to date with current contact information plus critical components such as communications, command and management, emergency notification, public information, and other needs.

It is the EMA director’s recommendation that the school emergency plans are periodically tested and evaluated as to their effectiveness. He encourages that they correct any areas that may need improvement.

The school superintendents in the county including the school transportation directors will also meet with representatives from the county highway and state highway departments, along with the health department, EMA, sheriff’s department, and local and state police.

Avery said another safety meeting is scheduled in February where he will discuss severe weather preparedness.