Marshall County Highway Department Ready for Winter Season


The Marshall County Highway Department is ready to handle winter weather, according to Jason Peters, Supervisor of County Highways.

He commented on the status of the department in a Marshall County Safety Committee meeting this week. Peters said the highway department has a good system of when to send out workers to clear the roads of snow and ice.

“We’ll assess what type of storm is coming in and from that point on we would determine how many people to call in,” explained Peters. “A lot of that just depends on the time frame of when the storm actually hits. If it hits in the evening and the snowstorm is going to lay down, we probably won’t go out and do the roads until that snow lays down. With early morning snow, we’ve got to get out and try to get people where they want to go.”

Depending on the situation, he will send out a certain number of drivers to run snow plows. In a full call-out, 24 highway workers will be out on the roads.

“We have designated drivers just for the main roads then we have area guys that do each individual area which breaks it down into townships. The county has 961 miles.”

Peters will coordinate with EMA Director Clyde Avery to assess the roads and what the weather may have in store for the county in a system event. Peters also works with school superintendents who deliver condition reports.