New Generator for Health Department to be Installed Soon


The new generator for the Pulaski County Health Department was to be delivered this week.

Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston told the commissioners Monday night that it will be stored until a company can properly install it. The Pulaski County council members approved the money for the generator at their meeting last week.

The commissioners previously approved the purchase of a similar self-starting generator for the county home in the amount of $3,500, but the council members did not bring the purchase request to a motion last week. Commissioner Terry Young expressed his frustration in that lack of action by the council.

Commission President Larry Brady mentioned that the county home does have a generator that is operational. However, it needs to be manually started. Young suggested that it creates a hazard with the way it is operated.

Brady said the issue could be brought up again with the county council members in a joint session on Monday, Oct. 13.