New Moped Laws in Effect Jan. 1

mopedsIndiana’s new moped laws will take effect in January. They will be split into two classifications both of which must be registered with the BMV.

Class A Motor Driven Cycles will include all mopeds and scooters with an engine size of 50cc or larger. They must be insured. The operator must be a licensed driver with a motorcycle endorsement and must wear a helmet until age 18.

Class B Motor Driven Cycles include mopeds and scooters with an engine size of 49cc or smaller. The operator must be at least 15, possess a valid state-issued ID card and pass a written exam at the BMV or hold a valid permit or driver’s license. Insurance is not required and passengers are not allowed. Class B Cycles cannot be driven on interstates, highways or sidewalks. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour.

Both types of cycles must have an illuminated headlamp while operating and must be driven near the right-hand edge of the road unless passing another vehicle or preparing for a left turn. For more information on Motor Driven Cycle requirements click here.