New Science Club Excites Entire Knox Elementary


Knox Elementary School has a new science club program. Members meet once every seven school days with science teacher Marge Wood. Students get to visit the outdoor lab and see different forms of wildlife in the area. A pond with minnows and frogs is also part of the lab. Approximately 120 kids have signed up to be in the club. Principal Glenn Barnes says the students are really getting into the program.

“It’s interesting to watch the students jump off the bus each morning nowadays because they’re jumping off with Tupperware containers with holes punched in the top and of course they’ve got some exciting bug or other item in their Tupperware container that there just excited to share with Mrs. Wood and any other student who will take the opportunity to look at it and see it,” stated Barnes.

Barnes adds the students are experiencing things in an outdoor hands-on environment, which is one of the goals for the club.