Oregon-Davis School Board Gives Blessing for Construction of Trophy Case

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board heard a presentation by Ron Henningsmith for a new trophy case.

Territorial Engineering provided Henningsmith with a layout to present to the school board to display the school’s state basketball trophies.

“It would be seven feet wide and seven feet tall,” explained Henningsmith. “The upper half would be glass and mirrors and the lower half would be raised panel. It would be made of oak and there would be lighting in the top of it to highlight the trophies on the inside. It’s octagon in shape and it’ll hold four trophies.”

The case would also include wheels with stoppers so it could be moved at the schools’s discretion. The case would also need to be equipped with safety plate glass and safety plate mirrors. Questions arose about how the case would be lighted, and he will seek ways where cords wouldn’t be an eyesore.

Henningsmith will build the case with the help of a number of volunteers.

Henningsmith will seek donations from the public to help build this case. He did not ask the school board for any funds. He estimated that the case could cost in the neighborhood of $6,000 to $8,000, but he hopes a lot of the material can be donated.

He proposed the same idea in 2007, but the board did not approve the request. However, the board members gave Henningsmith their blessing this week to move forward, assuming Henningsmith can collect the funds needed for the project.