Oregon-Davis School Board Holds Public Hearing for 2015 Budget

 The Oregon-Davis School Board members held a public hearing for the 2015 budget during their meeting last night.

The General Fund budget was budgeted at $4.6 million. The General Fund takes care of the salaries for the staff, including coaches and extra-curricular coaches and more. Board member Lee Nagai stressed that the General Fund had a shortfall due to state budget cuts and the referendum money supplemented that fund to cover salaries.

Other funds discussed include the Capital Projects Fund, Transportation Fund, Debt Fund Plan, Retirement/Severance Bond, Debt Service Fund, Referendum/Exempt Operating, Rainy Day Fund.

Superintendent Greg Briles explained that the Average Daily Membership, or ADM, is 609 which is higher than the state-projected student count of 580. Briles added that the corporation is three students down from last year.

The tax rate will be 1.5702 which is less than 2014.

Briles said the budget will be sent to the state. The board approved a motion to authorize any cuts that are mandated by the state.