Oregon-Davis School Board to Make Decision on Balanced Calendar

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Board members are looking at a balanced calendar for the 2015-2016 school year.

Superintendent Greg Briles gave the board a couple of different calendars to study to possibly make a decision at their October meeting.

“Several of the schools in our co-ops, as far as vocational and J.E.S.S.E., are in the process of looking at calendars,” explained Briles. “These are two calendars that are very similar to the same thing that each one of the schools are looking for. They do have the 180 days of student instruction and 184 days for staff, according to their contract.”

One calendar would keep the same break in the fall with the potential of having a few days added for the purposes of canceled school due to weather. An intersession would also be included which will be coordinated with the Starke County Youth Club. The intersession could be used for remediation. The first day of school would be Aug. 1 and last day would be June 1.

Even though the calendar doesn’t have to be approved until January, Briles said the school board should work on getting one passed now to keep the residents informed of the change well in advance.

“The county superintendents are working very closely with this and we’re going to do everything we can do make sure that they match.”