Plymouth School Corporation Invests in Safety

plymouth schools logoThe Plymouth Community School Board members may have spent a good chunk of change for security upgrades at all of the school buildings, but according to the Director of Safety and Security, it was money well spent.

“I think we took a layered approach,” stated Phillips. “We’ve looked at identifying who is coming into our buildings and for what purpose. The camera systems have been widely talked about and they have given us a new opportunity not only to make sure that our grounds are safe but we’ve also been able to assist law enforcement in a few cases that they’ve called us about.”

Jim Phillips added that the safety innovations at the corporation are invaluable when it comes to their students.

“Every building that the corporation has, especially the ones that have children in them on a daily basis are monitored. Safety is our top priority at Plymouth Community Schools and I take a lot of pride in that. I appreciate our administration and our school board supporting that commitment.”

In addition to the approximately 320 cameras in place, the corporation has safety monitors that are in the halls, plus a security resource officer and a director of operations who are present in the buildings throughout the day – even after the regular school day.