Police Offer Advice to Marshall County Safety Committee


Police officers spoke to those assembled in a Marshall County Safety Committee meeting this week where they gave school, highway and emergency management officials some things to remember in case of an emergency.

Indiana State Police Troopers want to work with local law enforcement agencies and the school corporations during certain critical situations. One officer indicated that social media can hamper efforts of the police when investigating potential hazardous situations that involve student safety. Police agencies have protocols in place to deal with bomb threats and active shooter reports, as do school corporation. It was recommended that law enforcement and administrators need to come together to solidify a plan. A recent situation was cited where a bomb threat was reported at a school corporation in the region and students were texting parents to pick them up from school when police needed to keep those students together for safety reasons, student count and witness accounts.

Police also requested updated floor plans of the schools.

Troopers have had several drug cases involving parents of students and students themselves. They hope to work with the Department of Child Services, parents and the school corporations through the course of the issues in hopes to rehabilitate the child and help them deal with the situation at hand. If school personnel notice any suspicious activity, they are to report that activity to police.

Bomb threat training as well as active shooter training may be held in a future work session. That session has not been scheduled.