Progress Reports Given on Condemned Properties


The Knox Board of Public Works members received an update on two properties that were recently ordered for demolition.

Cleon Wagner presented the board with a statement of a timeline for the clean up of the property at 353 E. Mound Street. Outside work has been done and the building has been sealed. Building Administrator Bruce Williams said he has looked at the foundation in the basement and it looks pretty solid. The Wagners explained that it will be six months or so before all of the work is done, but the building will be remodeled and the property will be cleared of blight.

Elvis Cole, the owner of the old pool building on 10 S. Heaton Street, wrote a letter to the board that he is still using the building for business. He is expected to make some upgrades to the outside of the building, but Williams stated the block may need some serious attention with the plans he has submitted. Williams suggested that Cole hire a structural engineer to assess the building before he puts money into renovations.

That building just north of the railroad tracks on U.S. 35 was ravaged by a fire several years ago and poses as a safety hazard.

The board was satisfied with the progress reports.