Pulaski County Council Approves Appropriation for New Ambulance


The Pulaski County Council approved an additional appropriation for the EMS for the purchase of an ambulance and new cardiac monitors.

EMS Director Nikki Lowry requested $88,000 in an additional appropriation in order to pay for the new ambulance. The insurance company will be paying $82,000 to the county after totaling the ambulance that was damaged in a fire on Feb. 7 at Wagner’s Towing. The cost of a new ambulance is approximately $150,000.

Along with the purchase of the ambulance, Lowry explained that she also needs to purchase cardiac monitors. She could purchase four new monitors for $36,000 which would place a new monitor in each of the ambulances. The monitors would be compatible with all of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) equipment at other locations in the county.

The council approved the appropriation which will put the county’s fleet back up to four ambulances and properly stock them with the cardiac monitors.

The council also approved a $12,000 in a transfer for the EMS for the purchase of other equipment.