Pulaski County Council Discusses Salary Ordinance Amendment at Sheriff’s Department

Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department

The Pulaski County Council discussed a salary ordinance change request with the sheriff’s matron, Carrie Avery, Monday night.

The situation is unique in that a dispatcher and his wife work at the department and officials want to move one into the chief dispatcher role. That would create a nepotism law violation. To get around that, Avery went before the county council to request that they approve the creation of co-assistant chief deputy positions and put the pair into those roles.

The council was hesitant in approving that request.  After a lengthy discussion, they made the ultimate decision to not approve the salary change. The council members did approve a motion to adjust the salaries so they are making the same wage.

The council members voiced frustration with the sheriff’s department and noted that if the sheriff wants to make the formal request before them in their meeting in October they would entertain his explanation.