Pulaski County Council Members Briefly Discuss Airport Issues

 The Pulaski County Council has had several questions concerning the operations at the county’s airport, Arens Field, and manager Bud Widner was at the council’s Monday meeting to answer questions by the council members.

At the last meeting, the council members voiced concerns about the payment for fuel.  There was a dispute over how much money the county should be receiving for the fuel that has been used and how much was in the fuel tank when the full-time employment began. That part has been ironed out and accounted for but the method of payment for fuel by customers was discussed briefly.

Airport Manager Bud Widner told the council members that a card reader would mean more business for the county. He said the airport often loses business to Starke County or to Rochester because there isn’t a card reader on the premises. Grant opportunities will be researched to possibly make that a reality sooner rather than later.

Widner currently takes cash for the fuel and issues receipts which are turned into the auditor’s office.

He noted that activity in the airport will slow soon as crop dusting season is coming to a close. Seeding will be done soon for cover crops which will sustain business for a while.

The council members have brought issues and questions about some of the operations at the airport to the forefront each meeting to discuss with Widner. However, no other questions were posed to him during the public meeting.